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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BOOK REVVIEW: "The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner" By Stephenie Meyer!

So I actually OWN this book & I'm currently trying to rid it from my book shelf. Not because it was awful but because I don't want it anymore. I began watching the "Twilight" movies when the first came out on DVD & liked it. I knew there was a series of books and I was interested to see if I would like them. So I headed over to my local library & snatched "Twilight" off the shelf & sat at a near table to begin my adventure (Short adventure!). After the second chapter I had to put the book down & walk away. The storyline for the opposite sex characters had been done before "The Vampire Diaries" by L.J. Smith & I had read the first vampire diaries book in the 7th grade & adored it since. I stayed liking the movies (for some odd reason!) but the books I could not handle UNTIL!!!!!! "The short second life of bree tanner" hit shelves at my local walmart. I was very curious to see if this new take on the twilight story would change my mind (It did not.) but I bought the book & took it home to read. I finished it in a day & a half & actually ENJOYED it. I liked the storyline because it wasn't overused & it was from the POV of "Bree Tanner" who meets her early demise in the third installment "Eclipse". I thoroughly enjoyed the book & if Stephenie were to release further novellas from other characters POV's then I'd be on board to read. The reason I did not like the the SAGA was because of "Bella Swan" just her character alone annoyed me & made me dislike the book more than I already had. Bree's character was pretty well developed for it being such a short tale but I liked her & cannot stand Bella. I recommend this book to people who love vampires & who love the Twilight saga. I give this book 4 V's (VVVV).

SYNOPSIS: Bree Tanner, who first appeared briefly as a newborn vampire in Meyer’s Eclipse (2007), is the star of this slim partner to the megamillion-selling Twilight series. A self-described “vampire nerd,” Bree recounts her adventures as she roams Seattle fulfilling her thirst for blood (and Meyer fans’ thirst for more books). In a passionate introduction, Meyer reiterates what Eclipse readers already know: Bree has few nights left on Earth. As she joins her red-eyed coven in battle against yellow-eyed adversaries that, while foreign to Bree, will be instantly recognizable to millions of human readers, she finds her first (kissable) friend and discovers a truth about daylight. Formatted as one long, breathless chapter, this novella includes the same casual language and elements of suspense and romance found in the Twilight quartet, and interlocking characters and dialogue fit it easily into Bree and Bella’s scene in Eclipse. While Twilight fans will appreciate the story as an expansion of Bella’s world, this rapid read also stands satisfyingly alone.

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