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Saturday, October 16, 2010

BOOK REVVIEW: "The Devouring" by Simon Holt!

I heard about this book via internet & went to my local Barnes & Noble to purchase it right away & from the first page to the end I was taken by the book! The storyline was original & fresh & the characters were realistic & believable. I loved that the author had made the story fun & spooky with adding the book's title in the book as a book they use to figure everything out. It was awesome. I recommend it to everyone & I can't wait to read the sequel "Soulstice" & "Fearscape" when I can get it! I give this book 5 V's (VVVVV)

SYNOPSIS: Reggie is a horror junkie who can't get enough of creepy movies, stories, and books, so she is naturally thrilled to stumble upon a mysterious old journal that describes the Vours, demonic beings that can enter fearful human bodies once a year. Although Reggie initially assumes the journal to be fiction, it quickly becomes clear that her timid younger brother, Henry, has actually been possessed by a Vour. Suddenly, Reggie is faced with a brother who kills his own beloved hamster and threatens her life, but she is certain that the Henry she loves is still there underneath. Although the diary gives few clues about how to actually exorcise demons, Reggie is determined to save her brother, even if it means facing unberable fears of her own. The fear-created world where Henry is stuck is remarkably creepy, built out of the most alarming imaginings of a young boy (murderous clowns, abandoning mothers, grotesquely dying children make up a few of the obstacles through which Reggie must travel to get to her brother). In addition, the intriguing local roots of the Vours, presented mostly through snippets of the desperate journal entries, add a layer of historical depth to this otherwise straightforward, modern novel. Horror fans will likely find the crsip writing, effectively relentless pacing, and haunting concept irresistible.

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