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Monday, November 22, 2010

DEVVOUR: Winter Reads! Contests! & John Bellairs!

I'd just like to take time out from my busy & holiday schedule to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!

This upcoming month of DECEMBER for Devvour is a chance to read winter-ish books! so december will be devoted to book reviews that have to do with winter-ish books & excerpt wednesdays that deal with the same! I'm really excited to also announce that DEVVOUR will have it's first CONTEST! in december as well! (more about the contest coming up soon!). I also dedicate this season of winter to the author of my favorite books JOHN BELLAIRS!
I will be doing book reviews on his books as well as an excerpt wednesday dedicated to him this december!  
I urge everyone who watches my reviews & reads my blog to pick up one of his books from your local library or simply purchase one online for cheap! they are wonderful spooky novels that will stay with you long after your done reading them as well as wanting desperately to find out what happens at the end of the books! One that I recommend for this winter is "The Lamp From The Warlock's Tomb"!

SYNOPSIS: Anthony Monday couldn't see why Miss Eells was so excited about a curious-looking oil lamp with pictures painted on the base. Little did the two of them know that the lamp they bought was stolen from the underground tomb of Willis Nightwood--a dabbler in the occult and black arts. When Anthony lights the lamp, monstrous forces are unleashed. Can Anthony and Miss Eells stop this satanic power before it destroys the world?

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